Valle Translations offers English<>Spanish translations, as well as copy-editing and proofreading services for legal (certified), scientific, technical and literary documents, as well as audio files. All our professional collaborators are native speakers of Spanish and are chosen because of their language skills and expertise in specialized fields. Furthermore, our in-house talent is certified by the American Translators Association and the Judicial Council of the State of California and has been cleared for top secret information by the FBI.


Our permanent commitment to excellence ensures that your information is communicated effectively and accurately. Furthermore, as we are aware of the value of corporate and personal information, we uphold high standards to safeguard the confidentiality and protection of such information.


Valle Translations is pleased to provide its clients competitive rates and personal attention, as well as meticulous, accurate and timely translations.

What does translation imply?


In its narrowest sense, translating could be defined as expressing in the target language what is expressed in the source language. However, the translation process implies much more than that, since our professionals face the constant challenge of translating not only the meaning conveyed through words but also the underlying meaning of the text; namely, every single shade of meaning that the text may contain. Consequently, when translating, it is also important to consider the intention of the writer, the characteristics of the target audience, the cultural background of the reader and writer, etc.


All our translation projects are assigned to professional translators, who will analyze the original document thoroughly in order to produce an accurate translation that will satisfy the requirements of our customers. Regardless of the specific knowledge the translator may possess in a particular field, translating always involves detailed research. In order to conduct this research, our translators use multiple resources, such as monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, synonym and antonym dictionaries, encyclopedias, grammar guidelines and specific glossaries. They also count on the priceless collaboration of professional and published linguists, who offer their invaluable knowledge and skills.


We use computer-assisted translation (CAT) solutions to maintain consistency of all translated texts. CAT tools include translation memories, concordancers, terminology managers, full-text searching tools, etc.


To assure stringent quality control, each translation goes through several stages of editing and proofreading, performed by a separate professional linguist, aside from the original translator. In mutual collaboration, the translator and the editor will resolve any discrepancies that may arise and create the final version of the document. Depending on the extension of the project, the translation may be assigned to yet a third person, who will then read the final document to guarantee its content is consistent and free of typographical errors.

What does editing imply?


Our translations are always assigned to an editor in order to ensure that the final translation is absolutely faithful to the original text and that it achieves its communicative purpose. However, the editing process can also be performed on documents created by a third party, other than Valle Translations.


The editing process is divided into two steps. The first step involves a word-by-word comparison of the original text and the translated document in order to identify missing words and mistakes relating to meaning, while the second step focuses on grammar, usage, word choice, inconsistencies, punctuation and spelling errors, as well as basic format considerations.




What does proofreading imply?


This process is generally performed on the final version of a translated document. The main purpose is to identify spelling, punctuation, typographical and minor grammatical mistakes. It is basically aimed at ensuring that the document sounds natural and is free of typographical errors.

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"We have collaborated with Valle Translations during the past eight years and have received excellent translations, personal and courteous service.  Valle Translations always meets or exceeds our expected delivery dates.  Their service has also helped to streamline our translation process to reduce our costs.  We appreciate that they always go beyond the call of duty in their work with unmatched professionalism in their service."                    Maria Hernandez – Translations Coordinator – Blue Shield of California